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A cultivation automation device – an excellent assistant for a city farmer will help you easily get a crop, saving you the hassle of a hydroponic installation, because OverGrower itself controls all the necessary parameters!
The OverGrower computer control system will allow you to fully manage all parameters of the farm and organize an efficient production of premium quality crops.

Each OverGrower is capable of controlling multiple Grow Zones, including Mortar and Climate Zones:
• Each Mortar Zone uses a Mortar Node Module, Device Control Modules, and supports multiple Climate Zones.
• Each Climate Zone uses one or more Climate Control Modules, Device Control Modules.

The management of nutrient solutions, watering, air temperature and humidity, CO2 content, lighting for all types of hydroponic growing and can be adapted to your specific situation.

Product Description

Trust OverGrower to grow your plants! The device has a system of 8 sensors, takes into account all parameters of the nutrient solution and microclimate and corrects them, forming optimal conditions for the best growth and development of the plant. The OverGrower integrates into a ready-made hydroponic plant.


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